Zecchini Estates was established to be an influential player in real estate brokerage. We deal with all aspects that gravitate around buying, selling and leasing. Attention and thoughtfulness to the interests of our clients, is a constant concern. We work to represent excellence through our work culture and sensitivity to listen to every detail.

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Luca Zecchini, born in Bologna on 01/25/1986;

Scientific high school diploma;

Bachelor's degree in Labor Counseling;

Law degree;

Registration as a mediator (Law 39/89) with the Milan Chamber of Commerce;

Qualification as condominium and real estate administrator, decree 13.08.2014 n.140.

Professional experience: Internship at labor, legal, and notary consulting firms.

Work activities at real estate agencies in Bologna, Milan, and New York.


I. Sept. 2015, the sole proprietorship Zecchini Estates of Luca Zecchini is established;

II. 2016, Period of development of the Company mainly in the territory of Milan;

III. 2017, Positioning of the Company in the medium-high end of the Milan real estate market. Expansion with business partners in the New York territory;

IV. 2018, Interesting company track record, with consistent increase in clientele interested in building a loyal relationship with Zecchini Estates;

V. 2019, Important sales transactions in both Italy and New York. Very positive rental market in Milan;

VI. 2020, Despite the severe pandemic Zecchini Estates maintains a good billing trend with perseverance and dedication;

VII. 2021, In the first quarter, the track record remained steady. The company increases its turnover by 30% over the previous year;

VIII. 2022, On January 25, 2022, ZECCHINI ESTATES S.R.L. was established, a necessary operation in order to more firmly consolidate its position in the Italian real estate market and, at the same time, maintain authority in the foreign market;

IX. Dec. 2022, Zecchini Estates achieves important milestones in terms of track record in calendar year 2022; and subsequent authority within the Milan real estate market;

X. 2023, Zecchini Estates' goal will be to consolidate its position, maintain very high levels of attention to the needs of its clientele, expansion to major Italian cities with an increase in the commercial division with 10 new entrants by September 2023.

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